Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not the 4th Installment but something we had to share - DO WE NEED TO BUY SUNCREAM NOW?

We took this picture just before lunchtime today while we were out for our second walk of the day with Alfie.  Its the view from the marina to Chateau St Malo – our Hotel de Ville.

But its January – and look at the colour of the sky and even better the temperature was 14 degrees C.  We really think we are in a micro-climate and that we have moved to an area that benefits from significantly better weather than the UK.  I thought I would try and find some proof and came across these comparisons with the South West of England for average temperature, hours of sunshine and rainfall.

It looks like we made the right move although perhaps the budget set aside for suncream will need to be increased!

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