Monday, May 21, 2012

Occasion for a supper event we think …….

Well we know we’ve have been a bit quiet of late but with artisans working in the apartment, sorting out our final delivery of furniture and chattels from the UK and some pretty promising ‘hot’ leads on the property finding front we have been fairly tied up.

But the results are very pleasing, a sparkling new bathroom (which has come together very well despite this being our first tentative steps with French artisans), rooms which now have a much more ‘permanently’ furnished and stylish look and a number of interested potential new clients that we are looking forward to working with.


Ok it was stylish but not comfortable

Now its both
So it was time for a bit of a celebration – well a bit of a supper event anyway, for our good friends Neil and Jennifer who are off on a Baltic cruise today.  We thought we would beg their opinion of our works and send them off with a sumptuous fish pie.  A triumph indeed, soft flaked smoked herring, cod fillet, salmon and prawns bound in a cheesy béchamel with soft boiled eggs and fresh peas, topped with mashed potato (with more butter and cream in it than you would dare to think about) and baked slowly in the oven with a smattering of grated emmental for good measure – just delicious.

Bon voyage Neil & Jennifer ………..

And while they are away – lots of exciting things for us to look forward to …..

Although I'm not wearing a custom this year! 
A visit from our very dear friend Nadia (a week of much eating, drinking and making merry, that goes without saying), our very first French ‘Eurovision Song Contest Party’ (yes we are fans and like to make it one of our biggest nights of the year) and a visit from Julie and Blue more good friends from the UK shortly afterwards.

Hold fast – stamina required and of course we will report back on all activity.  Wish us luck …….

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