Thursday, May 3, 2012

Perhaps our 15 minutes of fame as the Daily Telegraph values our opinion.

Well it has to be said that I have always been a little bit cynical about the benefits of signing  up to the various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  It would be quite possible to spend all day everyday reading tweets and checking out links and articles as well as reading where various ‘friends’ are and what they are up to.  It could become addictive and end up being all you do.   But I am also happy to be proven wrong …….

Some time ago we responded to a tweet from the Daily Telegraph asking for contributions to an
‘E-book’ that they were writing as a guide to expats and more importantly for us potential expats in France – its title ‘Living in France - The Essential Emigration Guide’.

To our surprise we had a direct e-mail back with a request for a telephone interview.  This was held back in March and quite alarmingly lasted about an hour and a half!!!!!  We were grilled to say the least – in the nicest possible way of course.

Well the ‘E-book’ has been published (last Saturday actually) and they have done us proud.  As one of only two featured interviews in the publication we are given three full pages and remarkably the text is virtually a word for word transcript of our conversation.  The ‘E-book’ is full of useful and practical information about starting and developing a life in France with specifics about each department and region.  It even describes the significant benefits of using a property finding service when looking for a home, based on the idiosyncrasies of the system and the frustrations of trying to deal with agents directly when not living in France.

The ‘E-book’ can be downloaded free (it’s a bargain as well as the Telegraph are saying that it is worth £9.99) although you might need to register before you can - but check it out at …..

Happy reading …………

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