Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Becoming ‘published’ writers …….

One of the things we are loving about our new business as property finders, apart from helping clients find their dream and the fact that building the business in France gives us a much more relaxed lifestyle, is our rapid development into being ‘published’ writers.

Writing has always been part of my previous life, certainly from a career point of view (if you can call responding to catering tender specifications writing) but never before would I say that I have been ‘published’……….

Apart from articles about us in local newspapers  back in the UK and being featured in a recent Daily Telegraph 'e' book expat guide, we have now had an article published in French Property News, one of the UK’s leading publications re all things French ……..

The article is about our home town St Malo, so it is certainly a topic that we can be very passionate about and we hope that it will encourage more and more people to visit and to consider buying property locally and dare I say it to use us in order to do so!

I don’t think we are ready for the Booker Prize yet but if you want to have a read click on the link ….
Its page 62 and 63 you need to turn to to find us.

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