Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm cured!!... I no longer miss Baked Beans or indeed UK supermarkets!

We have just returned from our weekly stroll from St Malo to St Servan market. Its a journey which is such a contrast to our old drive in the UK to any of the major supermarket chains. No congested roads or overly busy car parks, no mobs of frantic shoppers who wouldn't dare to make eye contact let along say "good day" and no supermarket specials that require a degree in Maths to understand if it's a genuine bargain or not, and that's if you have the time?
Why are UK supermarkets so busy and why are everyone's trolleys filled to the brim? How much is wasted? According to  Food Aware 18 million tonnes of edible food end up in landfill every year .

Life for us has changed.......and most definitely for the better!

Leaving our beautiful walled city (walking via the quay side in the bright warm sun shine admiring the first of the Tall Ships that have berthed in advance of the Tall Ships Race next week) 

we take a slight diversion across the Plage de bas Sablons "the beach of the low sand" and walk around the headland La Cite D'Alet to admire the stunning view of the Rance estuary and to collect wild herbs.

We arrive at the Food market and spend time perusing all the farm fresh produce before making a decision on what to cook for dinner. Today we visited our regular fruit and vegetable stall where we always get looked after, we bought a lettuce and were offered one free, a globe artichoke, head of garlic and some vine tomatoes.

A bunch of parsley and fresh thyme were added to our bag with a cheeky wink! This has to be better than any loyalty card!

So tonight's menu  will be:

Globe Artichoke served warm, dipped in a fresh Herb Vinaigrette

Pan-fried Breast of Duck with a Salad of Tomatoes and Sautéed Garlic Potatoes

Petit Pont L'Evêque avec du Pain

Homemade Apricot Ice Cream

Served with a bottle or two of Cote Du Rhone

All of this costing less than €15.00, beat that M&S!.... and I can guarantee no waste!...... Vive La France!    

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