Saturday, October 13, 2012

French interiors – mirrors

We see so many different styles of property - from the ‘Hansel & Gretl’ style cottage to stylish Maison Bourgeoise town houses and just about everything in between.  Our clients have different dreams and different budgets so we have to root out the best for each of them in each category. 

Of course, as you can imagine, within this broad range of property styles we see a similar number of interior design styles – some are more to our taste than others and some are just horrors but clearly to vendors that is not the point and in many cases we have to convince our clients to have vision and to see beyond what is presented in front of them.  But within these different styles more often than not we will see a version of the ‘leaning mirror’!

A style we have championed for a long time, the 'lean against the wall' mirror is a great feature in traditional and modern French interior design. Large mirrors propped up nonchalantly against the wall to either reflect light back into the room or for a chance of a double take look at a beautiful object or view just look great.  Where did the idea come from we wonder? Did someone leave one up against a wall one day intending to hang it up later, but never quite getting round to it? Perhaps they kept moving it around the room trying to decide where to hang it but never quite made up their mind (doesn't that sound familiar!). Whatever the reason, it certainly works for a great design style.

Most square or oblong mirrors, of a reasonable size, can look very stylish with this laid-back treatment. Add a touch of glamour to a beautifully decorated French style bedroom with a carefully chosen mirror, thoughtfully placed to reflect not only the bed but the furniture and furnishings surrounding it. The whole ambience of the room can be captured in its reflection.

Some of the modern designed mirrors - especially those with glass or clear frames - look stunning if displayed in this way, as do silver, gold, white or black painted reproductions.

For a more traditional look, it is worth scouring the antique shops for a long mirror still showing the remains of old gilding or perhaps if you are lucky some original paint. Once you have brought it home, lean it against whichever wall takes your fancy.

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