Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The benefits of using an affiliated property finder .......

As clients will know being part of the FrenchEntrée Property Finders network allows me to be a member of the FNCI - the National Fédération of Chasseurs Immobiliers, literally "house hunters".

Having a federation like this is the same concept as traditional agents who belong to the FNAIM which is their national body and well respected throughout France.

FNCI  lobbies Government on behalf of its members and has a quality charter that all members agree to abide by.  Membership comes in handy when describing the role of a buying agent to vendors and local immobiliers as it's a new concept to many of them.

 FNCI have just launched a new website which features the first of a series of videos about looking for a flat or house without the help of a buying agent (above).  It's in French of course but even if you're not fluent you will probably get the gist and see the humour.


Most bodies like this are quite stuffy and staffed by bureaucrats.....I'm happy to say that the
 FNCI are just the opposite and they are a friendly, professional and forward thinking bunch.  Paying our dues is one of the few cheques each year that we don't begrudge.

They must be good!

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