Monday, February 20, 2012

Cautious optimism .... realists will prosper!

We like to hear optimism regarding the property market in France and there has been more of it over the last few days.

French Property News is saying that if estate agents and sellers are realsitic with valuations and expectations then ‘the market will remain among the healthiest and most attractive in Europe. In troubled economic times investors seek safe havens and they simply don’t come any more secure or enjoyable than France’.

They also say that there is an increased trend from international buyers who are taking advantage of this ‘safe haven’.  Particularly note worthy is the increase in British expats currently living overseas who are prefering to buy in France rather than return to the UK.

In addition, according to many International property agencies Knight Frank and Savills included,  France is topping Spain as the most popular country among prospective buyers of property abroad ....

Vive la france!!!

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