Thursday, February 16, 2012

A few Coastal ‘Brittany Gems’ for all pockets .....


At the end of last week we drove to some of the coastal towns and villages in our area to meet up with local agents and keep ourselves up to date with what is happening in the property market there.

©Gratien Jean-Patrick
Now we know anywhere close to the sea is wonderful but we are particularly fond of our rugged coastline and the many small villages and hamlets that nestle in the secluded bays of the ‘Pink Granite Coast’ and the ‘Emerald Coast’ and we love spending time discovering more of them.  It was a lovely day!

©Spiegehalter Erich
Now it goes without saying (and yes even in Brittany) that properties with coastal locations and especially those with sea views command a premium price – everybody wants one – its not hard to understand why!  However, our time with the agents and some time spent researching the many private sales in the area  has suggested that is still possible to find what would represent excellent value for all budgets – you have to know where to look though and really understand the local market so that you are not seduced into paying over the odds to a vendor ‘tyring his luck’ with the foreign market.

Here are a few properties we found last week ......

€65,000 - 1 bed renovated fishermans cottage –                        
2 min walk to the sea

€95,000 – 2 bed renovation project –                                                 
with a large garden and 5 min walk to the sea

€114,000 – 2 bed house in need of some TLC                                      
2 min walk to the sea

€149,500 – 4 bed recent family house -                                                  
centre of a pretty coastal town – close to the port

€176,000 – Possible 5 bed renovation project -                                  
Remote location but sea views

€224,000 – 3 bed breton family house -                                       
with estuary views

€275,000 – 4 bed Neo Breton family house -                                    
overlooking town and beaches

€385,000 – Fully renovated and immaculate 3 beds - overlooking port and harbour

and for those with a slightly larger budget – or for those who dream like us ...........

€1,325,000 – 7 bed immaculate house with a massive - 270 sqm living space and a 70 sqm terrace overlooking the sea

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