Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Focusing on the benefits we bring to our clients ……..

We’ve been back in the UK for the last few days and whilst we weren’t really looking forward to making the trip and breaking the exciting development of our life in France we have really enjoyed our time so far.

There are lots of things to look forward to while we are here over the next two weeks, with highlights including a trip to London to see our best friend Viv and of course becoming proud God Parents to Jack, Lara and Rory at their christening in Nottingham at the end of the month. In fact, as we speak, there is the bottom tier of a christening cake in the oven, (our contribution to the day’s festivities) the design is planned we just hope we can pull it off and of course we will report on the result!!!

The main reason for our extended stay was to join the annual conference held by French Entrée in Bath for the network of French property finders that we belong to.  It is far too infrequently that we all get together and the opportunity to meet, discuss the current market, marketing activities and the incredible innovations that French Entrée have in store for its subscribers over the next 12 months, was really worthwhile.  What we don’t know about ‘google adwords campaigns’ and client relationship management systems is not worth knowing.

What is always the most satisfying part of the annual conference however is not the development of new communication and marketing systems or even the very jolly pre-conference dinner but exchanging stories of what we have been able to achieve for our clients.  The delivery of holiday or permanent home ‘dreams’, the negotiation of exceptional price reductions the successful completion of purchase transactions and the smooth installation of our clients into their properties is what it is all about.

We love our life in France and we get real satisfaction from helping our clients achieve their own French property dreams.  If we are in a position to help you then just let us know ………

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  1. Darren and Stephen, it was really good to see both of you at the FE Property Finders conference in Bath! We learn so much from each other and I'm very happy that we have the whole Network behind us. I'm back in Provence now and continuing the search for my Canadian clients. Lots of "pre-visites" planned this week and I'm starting to compile a solid shortlist for them for when they come on their buying trip in May. Well put in your blog entry - it is extremely satisfying to know that we add so much value and truly help our clients' dreams come true. Happy hunting when you get back to Brittany! Sophia x