Monday, August 6, 2012

Its a Dogs life!

With several current clients on the go at the moment we are spending alot of time out and about in our beautiful corner of France viewing potential ‘shortlistable’properties.  We just love doing this and what’s more we get to take our boy ‘Alfie’ on these trips with us.

Alfie Rock Pooling

Now this of course is a far cry from his experience of our previous existence when sadly he would spend most days ‘home alone’ while we were out at work (I hasten to add that the conveniently installed dog flap meant that those days were not spent cross legged!!!).  Of course, occasionally Alfie will see something that excites him too, the odd rabbit, a horse or two or even one or two of his Breton Spaniel cousins, but even on the ‘Alfie’ scale this weekend was exciting ……..

Spotted in a sleepy village (appropriately named Lassey) ……. ‘The Mystery Machine’, as featured on the boys favourite TV show Scooby Doo.  

Of course we had to stop – but oh no Scooby Doo – where are you ……….?  Alfie was gutted but was insistent on having his picture taken against the van …… ‘star struck’ he is not but he said he couldn’t wait to get home to tell his two closest friends – Monsieur  Bouba and the very chilled Yuton of course.

Monsieur  Bouba

Monsieur  Yuton

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  1. Yuton seems to be ready for the summer music festival La Route Du Rock ;-)