Friday, August 17, 2012

A tearful moment ……..

We just had to share this little gem …….

We have spent the last couple of days showing a very excited client the houses that we’ve selected for her viewing shortlist.  We certainly think we hit the spot and one in particular has caught her eye but that is a story to be continued …………….

We’re not sure but could her loving the house have something to do this ….

On our second visit to the house and on entering the vendors daughter’s bedroom we find her and two young friends quietly (yes quietly!!!!!!) amusing themselves with a computer game. 

Harry Enfield's"Kevin"
Harry Enfield's"Kevin and Perry"
Whilst I suppose this is not an unusual sight in children’s bedrooms these days what was unusual (for us Brits at least) was the fact that immediately upon our entry the computer game was switched off, all three children jumped up,  gave a polite bow and kissed each of us once on the cheek as a welcome.

We were stunned to say the least and there was more than one tear brought to the eye…..

Vive la vie poli ………………….

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