Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are about to breathe a sigh of relief……….

…..because tomorrow is the last day of August.  A sigh of relief, not because we haven’t enjoyed the hectic hustle and bustle of St Malo, our beautiful home town, as it bulges with Summer tourists and second home owners but because we can get back to normality in terms of running our property finding business.

August is holiday time and over these wonderful 31 sunshine filled days it seems that the whole of France stops working.  Everyone needs a holiday there is no denying that but whole offices close, estate agents stop making viewing appointments, vendors cannot be contacted and Notaires stop preparing that all important paperwork. 

It has been frustrating to say the least and indeed many of our competitors give up and adopt an ‘if you can’t beat them attitude’.  But by stealing ourselves, having the necessary tenacity and pure ‘true grit’ we have aggressively battled on and with the help of some very helpful ‘non-French’ agents and Notaires negotiators we have achieved 6 full days of house viewings and had two accepted offers on properties for clients.

So bring on the autumn and what by all accounts seems likely to be a busy time for the property market here in Brittany.  Things are moving and realistic vendors who understand that we are definitely in the middle of a buyers’ market are selling well. 

There are definite bargains to be had – and who knows when it comes to August next year maybe it will be you enjoying the 31 sunshine filled days of August in your new home ………….

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  1. Be careful now, I don't want you two to adopt a British lifestyle and not smell the cabernet.